I’ll tattoo any skin type and skin color to the best of my ability. I’ll tattoo anyone of any gender, race, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof, sexual orientation, (legal) age, and ability. I use vegan inks and eco-friendly supplies whenever possible.

I do not (currently) tattoo throats, faces, heads, butts, genitals, or soles of feet.

I prefer arms and legs but will tattoo shoulders, torsos, back of neck, fingers, tops of hands and clean feets.

I am interested in palms but they will likely require (free) touchups.


Predrawn designs

Available predrawn designs and flash are kept up to date in my Instagram story highlights.
 I add new designs pretty regularly as spots open up.

Many designs are now repeatable. 
This is noted on the design in my story highlights.

I have also now started including a size range for each design.

Custom tattoos

I take on a very small number of custom projects. I prefer doing custom tattoos for existing clients who have gotten flash.

More likely to do:

  • Freehand thorns or palm/fern fronds similar to ones I've posted before (with dark leaves + dot orbs)
  • Cool medieval stuff (gauntlets, swords, catapults, etc.)
  • Occult stuff (charms, nefarious potion bottles, skulls)
  • Variations of old designs or drawings or similar styles/themes
  • Large botanicals (6"+)
  • Particularly chrysanthemums, peonies, poppies, roses, ferns, palms, vines, pinecones/branches, acacia/mesquite thorns. Also huge leaves.
  • Very large (2+”) letters, symbols, or numbers. Could be a word, date or number but no phrases or sentences.

Probably will not do:

  • Face tattoos
  • Anything smaller than palm-sized
  • Color
  • Portraits of pets and humans
  • Other artists' work
  • Religious imagery (sacrilege is ok)
  • Culture-specific styles/subjects unless one of us is of that culture
  • Geometric pattern shenanigans
  • Long text, small lettering, script, names of living people, lyrics, poems
  • Hate symbols or guns/firearms
  • Not currently taking on new cover-up projects but very interested in blastovers

Aftercare tips

I will give you special instructions based on the type of bandage you get. These are universal aftercare tips for 2-3 weeks after you remove the bandage:

  • Lightly wash the tattoo with gentle unscented soap on a clean or gloved hand 2-3 times a day.
  • Pat dry with paper or clean towels, and moisturize with an unscented and/or gentle moisturizer or tattoo aftercare product.
  • Aquaphor is petroleum based and works well in small quantities but can clog pores if too much is used.
  • Clean your sheets and clothes before taking the bandage off.
  • Wear clean loose clothes and keep the tattoo safe from pressure, impact or other injury.
  • After the tattoo is healed always wear sunscreen (SPF 30)

For 2-4 weeks, DO NOT:

  • Do not wear tight clothes around the tattoo area.
  • Do not submerge it underwater or put it directly in a shower jet.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to sunlight.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to pets/animals/children.
  • Do not scratch or exfoliate the tattoo or any scabs/peelings.
  • Moisturize or use a cold compress.
  • Avoid activities with risk of contact and abrasion such as rock climbing, horseback-riding, skydiving, backyard-wrestling, LARPing, etc.